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"There are 10 types of people in the world... those who understand binary and those who don't."
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Version Control with Subversion


20120303: Been working on a java library(JWAT) for work for a few months now. Useful stuff even though its not quite finished yet.
20111029: During the last few weeks I've been motivated to get cozy with a bunch of tools. Some I've heard of before others are completely new to me. They are: JIRA, Fisheye, Confluence, Mercurial, Checkstyle, FindBugs, Hudson/Jenkins, JUnit, (ecl)Emma, Maven.
20110901: I've also been working with JPDA and JDI to find a really annoying memory leak that has emerged recently. Seems to be JDBC related in some way. So I'm trying to make a usable profiler with JDI. But mostly I'm trying to learn how Values work and how to work around a really really slow referringObjects method.
20110901: Will try to add the last few things to support Servlet 2.3 specs and look into a long time request/response bug which mixes responses with wrong requests under multiple simultanious requests.
20110929: Added some redirects to Mayhem for resources missing a trailing "/" in cases where an implicit welcome file or a prefix request mapping is used.
20110915: Started on my new job today.
20110901: Enhanced my template system to support inheritance. (Kinda like .NET master pages)
20110801: Been working hard on my Java CMS, most of the core has been implemented. Dialogs and Permissions are the next big thing to implemented.
20110914: Have been working for a few weeks on a simple email admin system for multi-domain email hosting.
20110126: Moved the server to a new fixed ip.
20110120: After a few days of trying to get my certificate signed I found out the CA did not support 1024 bit keys anymore. So now the mailserver is running with a signed 2048 bit certificate.
20110105: Mayhem2 refactored framework progressing slowly. Ircd converted to updated framework but no nio yet. Decided to convert httpd to new framework too. NIO features to come after httpd is working again or maybe I will convert the mail services too.
20110101: Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year.
20100806: I've been coding a CMS in Java for some weeks. Currently only uses external JDBC libraries so its fairly compact. Uses Ajax, has a templateengine and an abstract database layer.
20100605: Passed the theoretical part of my drivers license.
20100120: Progress on fixing various small issues with my CA application so I might actually release it.
20091212: Work progressing slowly on reimplementing Mayhem(2) and cleaning up various other projects.
20091028: Xbox 360 Connectivity Kit V3 and USB Solderless Lite-on DVD Key Extractor Combo
20091024: Xbox 360 Disassembly Tutorial For Xbox 360 Case Replacement
20090814: Thesis defended today.
20090806: Received my HTC Hero Android mobile. Planning to experiment with some Android app coding.
20090602: I've started on v2 of the mayhem server. The old httpd dispatcher has some serious problems with overlapping requests between sites. Besides after looking into NIO this seems the performance way to go. NIO seems to work ok in my bittorrent client.
20090602: Thesis deadline is nearing, currently July 17.
20081010: I've been doing some days work implementing a Java Class file parser. When the parser is done a Class file builder is planned. Could be used for obfuscator, generics downgrader, dis/assembler etc.
20080421: It would seem I have implemented most of a single node IRC server. Which means Mayhem now partially supports HTTPd(Servlets2.3/JSP1.x), SMTPd, POP3d, IMAPdv4, DNSd and IRCd. I guess this only leaves FTPd and NNTPd.
20080301: Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year. Maybe 2008 will be the year I finish my thesis and all those open ended projects I have lying around, one can hope :)
20071028: I still have to fix some minor stuff in the iptables though. Iptables takes some getting used to even though there seems to be a pattern to the madness. :)
20071028: The server has now been running a few days on my new second static ip, and on a fiber line mind you.
20070908: After some hardware problems the new improved linux server should now be almost operational, except for MySQL.
20070727: The server has been unstable the last week or so. Firstly a bad debian kernel kept freezing up shortly after reboot, so I had to downgrade. A CPU was taken out due to a noisy fan which will be replaced soon. MySql had to be downgrade and reinstalled due to the faulty kernel fsck checking/deleting various stuff at random. Lastly I took out the old Promise ATA 133 controller and replaced it with a Promise SATA 300 TX2, which ofcourse did not work at first. After 24 hours of mucking about with various make menuconfig options it seems I now can compile the lastest stable source and actually see all harddisk controllers. Now I only need to install the new hd's, see if I can boot from the promise controller, try to remove fsck's need to check the boot disk on every boot (at least it stopped deleting files at random).
20070703: I'm almost done implementing a bittorrent tracker, the surounding website is another matter.
20070703: Sometimes I get the feeling I was either born to late or early in time...
20070531: I got bored and started coding some bittorrent routines in Java.
20070319: I normally don't have much regard for most of my fellow programmers, and I'm afraid my fears have been confirmed with Firefox. Eventually I might even have to checkout the source to see why it feels the need to hog all of the resources on my P4-630 3.0Ghz/2Gb machine..
20070222: Power outage for 2 hours last night, Server up, ADSL up, fiber still down.
20061111: Many months ago I started on a program to store subtree digest information, this has been enhanced to weed out duplicates.
20061022: Started on a Regex package the other day for our project.
20061010: Intermediate Language bytecode generator.
20060902: This page looks like shit :), so I'll have to reorganize it, make a small CMS for it and finally add the Amiga stuff from my old homepage.
20060831: Minimal JSP pages are now converted to XML if necessary, translated to Java Servlet code, compiled and finally run. (more implementation soon)
20060801: Started writing JSP Engine for our report.
20060625: Last week I started on a written report for uni. On another note my keymanager tool is almost ready for release.
20060503: I've been working some days on a simple application to handle common Certficate Authority tasks.
20060305: I have moved several general purpose classes from Mayhem to common package, refactoring pop3 client classes.
20060212: Delphi project completed for work.
20060207: Started my course in cryptology, hopefully my last course.
20060120: I've been fucked by the subversion system for the last time, I'm writing my own in spite ASAP..
20051210: Busy with mainly Delphi and some C#, so the IMAP implementation is going slow.
20051206: 2.6.14-2-686-smp.
20050926: 2.4.27-2-686-smp upgraded to 2.6.12-1-686-smp, jdk1.5.0_04 upgraded to jdk1.5.0_05.
20050830: IMAP protocol implementation nearing completion.
20050822: Upgrade from j2sdk1.4.2 to jdk1.5.0_04, new kernel 2.4.27-2-686-smp...
20050821: One weeks sickness.. almost complete now.
20050720: More IMAP commands supported, minor HTTP fixes.
20050715: Written project handed in, Java, OCL(UML) and AspectJ.
20050419: Busy with C#, school. Added CRAM-MD5 to IMAP server.
20050406: STLS for pop3 finally working, STARTTLS added to smtp, added some minor IMAP commands.
20050330: Session Manager refactored, Context(Attribute)/Session(Attribute) Listeners loaded and called appropriatly.
20050324: Some pathetic bastard stole my bicycle from the Birkerød trainstation. Putain de merde..
20050311: Started on an IMAP implementation for Mayhem.
20050302: Someone at host167-139.pool8249.interbusiness.it ( flooded the POP3 server with open connections, so I will now proceed to implement measures to avoid this in the future.
20050216: Mayhem, httpd/servlet2.3 nearing completion, requestdispatcher and logging under work.
20050204: Reboot, short power outage.
20050119: Finally its also time to choose some courses for the next semester of studies.
20050119: Trying to motivate myself to fix the last few things on the servlet container.
20050119: Besides this, I've been doing some C#.NET/DHTML.
20050119: Seems my work involving PBS and some parking equipment is finally sort of online.
20041130: Mayhem, pop3d/smtpd refactored, accounts and spool seperated.
20041118: Mayhem, pop3d/smtpd refactoring, account manager code seperation.
20041109: Mayhem, http digest auth seems to work.
20041102: Mayhem, todo include, classloader resources, error-pages, logging, digest.
20041021: Mayhem, partial URLStreamHandler/URLConnection.
20041012: Mayhem, FilterChains implemented.
20041005: Started on an eDonkey/Overnet library in Java.
20041005: Started on a VOIP program in Java, current simple capture/playback.
20041001: The server had some DMA problems, so until the important stuff is backed up and new harddisks installed the server will probably be offline when I'm not around to surveil it.
20040930: Min/Max Heap moved to seperate classes, fixed a bug.
20040928: Seems my Red-Black Tree implementation in Java finally works.
20040916: Reboot, new kernel and ram upgrade, 512mb->1gb.
20040915: Mayhem, finished adding 3 levels of ClassLoaders (firewalled, using lib/, delegating).
20040904: Funeral service.
20040828: Death
20040822: CRAM-MD5 support added to POP3 service.
20040809: Services/Servlets can now obtain a configured DataSource from JNDI.
20040805: Started on a JNDI implementation.
20040805: Still stuck with DIGEST-MD5 for POP3, since people have shit for brains and there is no agreed upon scheme for POP3. WANKERS!
20040727: Fixed some problems in the internal Servlets, added Auth mechanisms to POP3, Base64 encoder, etc.
20040715: Handed in written assignment.
20040706: Working towards a deadline on my written assignment.. Whaaaaaaaaaaa!
20040705: Checked and saw I also passed my 5 day written exam.
20040623: Mayhem, added an objectpool which corrects the connection close situation.
20040618: Mayhem, Cookies, Sessions and Basic Auth seem to work.
20040611: Handed in my last exam of the semester. One written assignment to go..
20040604: Seems I passed my last exam as an undergraduat.
20040519: Mayhem refactored now running online on alternate port for testing purposes.
20040515: Mayhem, Default Servlet file content operational.
20040513: Mayhem, Default Servlet dirlisting operational.
20040511: Exams sneaking up.
20040510: Mayhem, ServletContexts + ServletMapping + on demand Servlet loading operational.
20040428: Mayhem, filter chains almost implemented.
20040411: Replaced 256mb sdram with 512mb sdram. Will probably add both shortly anyway.
20040411: The servers 120gb drive was remounted readonly when I got home, after some reboots and fiddling I gather the DMA chip in the harddisk is faulty as it only works in PIO0 mode.
20040325: Mayhem, first servlet response returned.
20040320: Mayhem, more packages/classes refactored, pipelined, headers are now returned again.
20040222: Reboot/Kernel upgrade.
20040220: Webserver still in pieces (Refactoring header parts). Plans to implement SMTP/POP3 server for a uni course.
20040128: Seems I passed my exam..
20040122: Still refactoring, Mayhem now binds and accepts connections which then go through the primary service broker.
20040116: The new refactored version of the webserver is almost ready to respond to request.
20040115: New version of Mayhem is more pipelined that the previous version.
20040109: Been refactoring the webserver with eclipse for two few weeks now.
20040104: Reboot. One partition was remounted readonly because of an diskerror, strange..
20031222: Reboot. Had to change ramdisk size to do some dhcp/tftp magic.
20031217: Vacation time soon.. Yay!
20031126: Oh the company I work for has finally been restructured, renamed etc. Netpointers Open System.
20031126: Mayhem, the dev web server has been fsck'ed for weeks now, still refactoring.
20031014: Mayhem, implemented partial servletmapping dispatcher.
20031007: Flat on my bicycle. (Bicycle blog to come...)
20030929: Broke the internal gear on my bicle.
20030925: Mayhem now builds a ServletContext and loads Servlets configured with Load-On-Startup.
20030915: Mayhem servlet container now parses 1/3 of a web.xml config.
20030915: Recycled to Kanonbådene på Holmen (Lorteøen(tm)). Bare det var mig der havde en ordentlig kanon..
20030912: Kæde/tandhjul.
20030903: Seems the normal aluminium materials on my bike aren't a match against my 1331 muscles, I broke another crucial part in two and hit my knee badly. Maybe I should stresstest spaceage materials for NASA.
20030827: Started implementing ServletContext.
20030826: Started implementing RequestDispatcher.
20030822: Made standalone CGI gateway, will integrate into mayhem along with other overdue features soon.
20030730: Kæde/tandhjul.
20030722: Fixed some links in the java section. Will redesign www and code more soon.
20030714: Upgraded server with 120gb hd. (Forgot to start the webserver a few times :)
20030712: Went to the Zoo!
20030711: Services xml configurable, httpd partially.
20030705: Doing some XML stuff for the mayhem configs. Maybe I should setup a codeblogg and an RSS feed.. :)
20030701: Upgraded server from j2se-1.4.1_02 to j2se-1.4.2.
20030626: It would seem I passed all my courses..
20030622: Refactoring and cleanup of webserver code. (31 classes)
20030618: Hmm.. maybe I should start on some written candidate projects.. just a though..
20030617: Started coding on the webserver again. Must code CMS too..
20030616: rebels.dk online again. Yay :)
20030611: Passed my exam, still waiting for the results of my written papers.
20030605: Last oral exam of the semester on the 11th of June.
20030604: Finished my color reduction classes loosely based on this article, Octree Color Quantization.
20030529: Made some PixelGrabber clones that also work for offscreen images ie. no useless exceptions.
20030522: Last paper of the semester handed in.
20030419: Upgraded to a new linux kernel (2.4.20-1-686-smp).
20030410: First day of work at my new place of employment. (yay)
20030402: \end{Halsbetændelse}.
20030323: \begin{Halsbetændelse}.
20030321: Busy busy busy... well almost.
20030317: Annoying "Too many open files" exception should be fixed now. (Patched, will upgrade running server soon)
20030314: Upgraded server from j2se-1.4.1 to j2se-1.4.1_02.
20030302: Upgraded server from j2se-1.4.1-beta to j2se-1.4.1.
20030212: Removed custom response methods, now uses servlet methods.
20030206: Still refactoring the response methods.
20030129: Started implementing HttpServletResponse.
20030117: Started implementing ServletOutputStream.
20030112: Started implementing ServletInputStream.
20030111: Started implementing ServletResponse.
20030110: Database tuning exam.
20030109: Started implementing HttpServletRequest.
20030107: Started implementing ServletRequest.
20030106: School sux.. flunked a course for the second time.
20021220: Webserver, increased thread control.
20021204: Webserver, range/resume to running version.
20021202: Webserver, if-modified-since caching support added to running version.
20021126: New version of the webserver running.
20021117: Partial implementation of a small administrative system in php/mysql.
20021029: Updated the webserver with DirListing and reloading support.
20021006: Seems the DTD lexer/parser is complete.