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Short: BigBrotherV0.50 Non-System 680x0 Monitor. 1st Evaluation Release!
Uploader: nclarke@diku.dk (Nicholas G. Clarke)
Author: nclarke@diku.dk (Nicholas G. Clarke)
Type: util/moni
Status: On hold




I suppose most of you people have seen some non-system monitors in your time I sure have, although some are for a select croud of people I still feel that there is not any real solution available for use. In other words most other software is either to old or just obsolete in some way and besides most good old monitors are not being updated and haven't for some time. (ie. ResetMon,CartMon and BeerMon) Although the 2 first are very old they are well programmed and still include options not found in that many new monitors.

Since this is not a final version I hope you will overlook this and instead look at how future releases will rock ya!

You should contact me if you want to discuss either ideas, updates and/or bugs.

Compatible with all amigas and processors. (Auto Detection)
Specific CPU/FPU/MMU support has been included from 68000 -> 68060.

Anyway with the inclusion of a module interface you will be able to use your own code with this non-system environment.

As you will probably notice this monitor is fearly fast, or rather should I say f**king 100% optimized in any and all ways. I tried to make the user interaction as user friendly as possible, if all fails please consider that all is non system programing which imposses some restriction. On the other hand I will be glad to update any sane request.

And finally before having a cow please remember!

This is ONLY an EVALUATION Version, the reason being I haven't completed all the code and since hardware may never come I finally decided to release a pee-ka-boo version. Updates will ofcourse include many new features/options.

At the moment the following features are amoungst the ones included:


And of course many more!