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ParCon Software Old design can be found here.

Around 1989 my friend and I got our Amigas and started programming.
We tried doing some Basic and C, but found assembler was the easiest to learn.
From 1989 to 1992 we mostly did non-system programming for the demoscene, material which can be found here (soon).

Early on we became interested in non-system debugging and especially the tools for doing this. We decided to do our own monitor which resulted in a partially complete program called BigBrother. Eventually I ended up doing the program by myself and also implementing a bunch of other utilities which can all be found on these pages.

While working on BigBrother I became friends with Michael Pendec. At the time he was doing various thing for Paradox. Eventually he became tired of his current activities and began doing utilities. Among some of these were LogicBBS, OWS, DMS and Action Replay IV. I ended up doing some work with him, mostly on LogicBBS. He released his programs under the name of ParCon Software.

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