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I have been a member of Rebels almost from the beginning in 1989, with some minor slumps. My handle during all this time has been Conan. During most of this time I did most of my coding together with Newton/Rebels so the most recent of our productions have been under the joint handle of Conan&Newton/Rebels.

Releases I worked on:

Various menus for our then famous demopacks and our Trainers.
Intro on Rebels MegaDemo.
Rebels Megablast - Musicdisk by Static and Yoyo.
A multipart demo, Waterproof.
Rebels first AGA demo, Mr.Monkey.

During our time in Mystic, Tarkus Team and Rebels we had our wicked way training the following games.

Back to the Future (+1)
CJ Elefant Antics/CSL (+9/OnePart)
HellRun (+4)
Head Over Heals (+1/OnePart)
Lethalzone (+5)
Poopoo Dreams/TSL (+1)
Frankenstein/QTX (+4/OnePart)
Disposable Hero (+3)
Wibble World Giddy (+14)
Okuzan (+1)
Alfred Chicken/QTX (+10)
Solius The Sorcerer/MST! (+11)
Oscar(ESC) (+3)
TerminatorII Arcade/FLT (+4)
Cosmic Spacehead/PDX (+1)
Stardust/ZNT (+5)
Cannon Fodder/FLT (+5)
Fantastic Dizzy/FLT (+5)
Dennis The Menace/FLT (+3)
Giddy II/SR (+8)
Benefactor/CLS (+3)

This page is only dedicated to the work I have done by myself or with others not the work done by the rest of the groups.